Listen, you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur and you are making it work! Maybe it’s time for a virtual assistant!
What if you could go BIGGER? Increase your reach? Free up time to develop the core of your business?

With a Virtual Assistant, you can do just that!

If you’re overwhelmed by the 392 emails in your inbox first thing in the morning, spend most of the morning trying to sort through them and realise at 11.45 that you haven’t even started doing the things you will actually get paid for…I can help!

Let me help you and together, let’s free up some time so that you can do the things ONLY YOU CAN DO!

Free 30-minute Chat

Get in touch for a FREE 30-minute consultation to discover the ways that a virtual assistant can help you. There’s no commitment at this stage and sometimes, what you need, is just to be able to put your struggles into words and have someone listen! Tell me about your pain points and struggles and we can figure out the right way to help you get more out of your days, so that you feel productive and enthusiastic, not bogged down and overwhelmed.

Notebook, laptop and phone

How a virtual assistant can help you:

– Email management
– Customer relationship management
– Prospect follow-up
– Newsletter management (MailChimp, Buffer)
– Content creation (blog, newsletter, etc.)
– Social media management (Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)
– Event planning
– Personal/lifestyle organisation (travel, reservations, etc)
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