Delegate - 7 reasons to delegate to a VA


It can be a big step to let someone into your personal life. It will feel like a giant leap to let someone into your business. Your business is the creation you’ve poured your heart and soul into. You’ve spend weekends and evenings glued to your computer or in your studio hustling to make your dream a reality. It’s understandable that you would struggle to let someone into that sacred space. The truth is, though, there are only 24 hours in a day and you are only one person, so maybe it’s time to consider the awesome advantages of delegating to a virtual assistant.

  1. Leave the admin behind, focus on your core business

    If you are able to delegate the admin and routine tasks, then you free your mind and time up to focus on value-adding activities for your business. Instead of the overwhelming feeling of persistent, never-ending to-do lists, you are now free to concentrate on growing your business doing things only you can do.

  2. The magic of time

    Let’s face it, there are plenty of things you do every day that someone else could do for you. Why not reclaim that time by outsourcing that work to a competent, efficient individual. Claim back precious hours to develop client relationships and create new products, innovate and grow your business like only you know how!

  3. Pay only for the time you need

    Working with a virtual assistant isn’t like hiring an employee. You only pay for the hours or the projects you need. A virtual assistant will work with you to define the scope of the support you need, be it for a specific project or on a weekly or monthly retainer. You won’t pay for unproductive time, only for the time that your VA works on specific, agreed-upon tasks.

  4. Access to specific expertise

    Virtual assistants have years of professional experience under their belts.  Many have significant administrative competencies, but additional skills can range widely depending on past professional experiences. They include customer relationship management, social media and communications, event planning or sales, to name just a few.  Why not tap into a wealth of information and knowledge that may not be within your core skills? Furthermore, virtual assistants have wide networks of fellow VAs and so are in an excellent position to recommend trustworthy subject-matter experts should they not be able to help you in a particular area.

  5. Improve your work-life balance

    Research has shown that those who actively look to delegate report higher levels of productivity, happiness and energy, and are less likely to feel overworked and overwhelmed. How much better would your business look if you didn’t feel consistently overwhelmed? How would your personal life change if you could be more productive during your working hours and spend more valuable time with your family and friends? When you find the virtual assistant for you, a natural trust will develop allowing you to be able to step away from your business knowing that nothing is slipping between the cracks.

  6. Plan for the future

    When you delegate your routine tasks, you are freeing up time for you to think strategically about your business. Without the niggling to-do list items in the back of your mind, you can focus on your plans for growth and upscaling. You can make decisions that will ensure the future of your business as opposed to managing the minutiae of the daily grind.

  7. An outsider perspective

    Sometimes when you’ve been so close to your business venture for so many hours, you can lose perspective a bit. Working with a virtual assistant means having someone with a fresh pair of eyes looking at your business from the outside and challenging you on some of the things you were sure were perfect just as they were!

If you’re curious, even a little bit, about how a VA can help you, get in touch!

7 Reasons to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

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