I’m Chloe Charlet, self-titled Queen of awesomeness!

 De-le-gate! Do it!

Ready and willing for you to delegate your most stressful and time-consuming tasks so that you can get on with the value-adding work that only you can do!

For most freelancers or small business owners, the hardest thing to do is delegate your hard-earned reputation to someone else. Trust me, I understand that…which is why I think you should speak to me via Skype or telephone so that I can gain your trust and confidence!

Not your average girl

I have several years of experience in the corporate world ranging from administrative assistance to commercial and customer management; however; my destiny was not to remain in the corporate world with its office politics and normalcy.

You see, I’m a little wild and wacky! I grew up all over the world, moving around every 3-5 years with my parents. I am bilingual in French and English. I have also had my share of conversations about sangria and beer in both Spanish and German. A bit of a citizen of the world, I’d like to think.

The city of lights

I am lucky enough to be based in Paris, France, which in my biased opinion is a delightful place to be. Being based in France, I work with French freelancers and small businesses, but I also work with clients from all over the world, that is, after all, why they call it virtual assistance.